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6 Things you will love about Tulum


6 Things you will love about Tulum.

Tulum is famous for all kinds of things, it has anything you can think of for an excellent vacation. People have been flocking to Tulum year after year because of these things, but what will really make you want to come back are those experiences that are truly unique. Here are six things you will absolutely love about Tulum and make you want to come back and explore it even more:

1. The Ruins of Tulum

& things you will love about Tulum

Of course, how can you go to Tulum and not check out the only archeological ruins right on the coast? The ruins at Tulum are the youngest Maya ruins in all of Mexico, so you can get an idea of what the empire must have been like right before it ended. Tulum served as a port for the Maya empire, and was protected by walls which you can still see. The beach nearby is great for swimming, since there is a barrier reef that makes for calmer waters and excellent fish spotting.

2. Shopping

Tulum Mexican crafts

Thanks to its popularity as a tourist destination, more and more designers and stylists have popped up in Tulum, opening up shops where you can find unique fashions. Heading out to shop, even if it’s just window shopping, it is a great way to take a break from sightseeing, hiking, swimming with dolphins, or whatever else you enjoy doing in Tulum. There is a shop for everything, from jewelry and sandals to summery dresses and wine.

3. Swimming with dolphins

And of course swimming with dolphins in Tulum

Within the lush, tropical gardens of the Hotel Grand Bahia Principe Tulum is Dolphinaris Tulum. There, you can have the greatest lifetime experience doing a dolphin swim program. The staff is very professional and the friendly dolphins are ready to meet you and have a good time. Swimming with dolphins is a great activity for anyone, no matter what age, and something you will treasure forever.

4. The food

Try Tulum typical foods

If you really want to get back to basics in terms of the food you’re eating during your time in Tulum, then you have come to the right place. There are restaurants where you won’t even find a blender in the kitchen, and pretty much everything is fresh, local, and either grilled or baked. Of course, you can also find typical Yucatan cuisine, which includes traditional dishes with fish, sauces made with bitter orange, traditional tacos, and much more.

5. Turtles of Akumal

One of the turtles in Tulum.

In case you didn’t get enough wildlife in your trip, make sure to check out Akumal and the beautiful sea turtles that live there. Only a 20-minute drive north of Tulum, Akumal is the place to go if you want to see sea turtles up close. Once at the beach there, you can take scuba or snorkeling classes, or just ask which is the best way to go to find some sea turtles to hang out with.

6. Beach Yoga

Yoga in Tulum beaches

After all those water activities, it can be nice to relax and spend some time meditating. Tulum is probably one of the best places in the Riviera Maya to try to find inner peace, as the environment lends itself to relaxation and meditation. Just sign up for a class, follow all the instructions of your teacher, and soon you’ll find yourself in tropical nirvana.