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7 Things about Christmas in Riviera Maya


7 Things about Christmas in Riviera Maya.

A lot of people these days are tending to steer away from your traditional white Christmas and veer off into other holiday traditions that spark new ideas and fun activities to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. What better way to celebrate the Christmas spirit than in the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico? Here are a couple of things you should know about celebrating Christmas in Riviera Maya.

First thing is that you will get to enjoy the gorgeous weather in a time of year that we North Americans usually spend covered in blankets with cookies and hot cocoa. You get to now spend it on a beautiful beach with perhaps a delicious adult beverage at your side. The weather and the beach scenery are beautiful during this time of year.

Additionally, you can go take a tour to the ancient Mayan pyramids. These pyramids have been here for hundreds of years. Normally in one of your Riviera Maya hotels, you can arrange for a tour through the hotel. Very close to the beaches and resorts, you can see the old history of Mayan pyramids and take a tour to discover how ancient people lived many years ago.

Mexico is a Latin American country that has a lot of religious roots, and because of this Christmas in Riviera Maya is a whole lot different. One thing to keep in mind is that in some places, and in Riviera Maya as well, you may see festivals or events that are related to the birth of Jesus during Christmas time. Be sure to check the events page on some of the hotels and places in and Riviera Maya so that you can enjoy some Mexican culture and witness a spectacular event that you wouldn’t normally see in your hometown.

Also, if you like to be festive, you can find many hotels that offer classes for adults and youth that teach how to do Christmas festive things like cookie making, tree decorating, painting, etc. These courses can sometimes be included in the price of your stay.

As well as exotic/different traditions in Riviera Maya that you will see for Christmas, you can always keep it original and take pictures with Santa. There are hotels that have Santa’s in them where you can take a family photo with the kids still keeping that tradition alive in beautiful places like Riviera Maya.

One of the coolest tourist attractions about Riviera Maya is that you can actually swim with dolphins. These dolphins are some amazing creatures. Many of the Riviera Maya hotels offer deals on how to tour with these amazing creatures. A tour can be as simple as going on a boat and catching your Kodak moment boat side, or you can even have a tour that allows you to swim along side the dolphins. It is an amazing sight to see.

Along the subject of dolphins, even if you can’t make it out to Riviera Maya this year for the holidays, you can gift a dolphin swim to a family member or friend! Simply contact one of the dolphinariums and reserve the attraction in their name. This would be a gift of a lifetime and make up for that ugly sweater you bought last year as a gift!