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A day in Wet’n Wild Cancun: What to do


A day in Wet’n Wild Cancun: What to do.

Spending the day at a water park may seem like a whole lot of the same thing, but if you know what rides, events, and activities are available, you can plan your day so that there’s never a dull moment. Located in Boulevard Kukulkan Km. 25, Wet’n Wild Cancun is so much more than just some water slides and swimming pools. Just by checking out what there is to do ahead of time can help you to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

To start, you might want to make sure your kids (if you’re traveling with any) check out the Kids Park. Depending on their age, it might be perfect for them or it might be too “kiddie”. If it’s just about right for them, they might even want to spend the whole day there, while you lounge around in the sun by the pool or go off and have your own slippery adventures. If your kids want to tag along with you, that’s not a problem either. Rides like Bubba Tub are perfect for the whole family, where everyone fits into a giant inner tube and rides an intense slide with a fun and splashy ending.

Maybe your family is a bit more relaxed and not so adrenaline-seeking. In that case, the Lazy River is a perfect option to check out. It consists of a lovely stream that you can float down on individual inner tubes, taking in the scenery. The Wave Pool is also a great choice for a less intense activity. Just as the name suggests, this is a swimming pool with intermittent wave action, so you can pretend to be in the ocean.

Perhaps you want more of an adrenaline rush, or your traveling companions are adrenaline junkies and can’t wait to check out what rides there are at this water park. Well, first of all you have the Twister slide which is pretty exciting, but not the most exciting ride there is to check out. It’s your typical fast and twisty water slide that is ridden with inner tubes. Kamikaze is what you want to try if you really want a real rush. This is a slide that will shoot you down at super high speeds and leave you wanting more. If that’s not intense enough for you, go on and check out the Double Space Bowl, a new kind of slide with a unique bowl shape that can make you go as fast as 30 miles an hour.

If you really want to try something different, for an additional price you can check out the adjoining Dolphinaris dolphinarium and meet lovely dolphins. The different programs offered allow you to swim with, greet, and even train dolphins yourself. The parks are connected, so you can go back and forth easily.

Surely these tips will help you to make the most out of your trip to Wet’n Wild Cancun!