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Cancun underwater museum of art


Cancun underwater museum of art.

MUSA (Underwater museum of art)

Rising from the sea bed in the clear blue Caribbean waters of Cancun is a remarkable underwater museum which brings together modern art and marine ecology. Over 500 life-sized sculptures and statues, created by recognized artists and set in 3 underwater salons, are displayed meters under the surface of the ocean. They are formed of PH neutral marine cement and special materials designed to encourage the growth of coral. This unique underwater museum and eco-project was founded with the objective of creating an artificial reef using powerful modern art images, following themes created by different artists.

Cancun underwater museum
Cancun underwater museum


An Ecological Success

And it is already a proven success. The new reef eco-system formed by the sculptures was intended to create habitats for fish and other sea-life to relieve the ecological stresses put on the natural coral formations by the number of divers attracted to the waters around Cancun.  Algae has already been forming on the sculptures, signaling the start of a process during which tiny coral polyps begin to transform modern art into life-giving reef. Multi-colored fish, attracted by the algae, now dart around the sculptures, to the delight of museum visitors.

The Underwater museum Aquatic Art

Divers and snorkelers visiting the museum float over and through ghostly figures of people and life-sized every-day objects from dry land. Groups of stone faced crowds, an old creepy house and even a VW Beetle are just a few of the sculptures that provide amusing and thought provoking images.

Cancun underwater museum
Cancun underwater museum

What else to do in Cancun?

As a world-renowned tourist destination, Cancun has a wide variety of fun and relaxing activities you can enjoy during your stay other than the underwater museum. On land, tours are offered to locations around the Riviera Maya, including the ruins of important Mayan towns and structures, scattered around this thickly forested region. In Cancun itself there are numerous options for fine dining with flavorful fusions of traditional Mexican cuisine and international dishes. If you want to slip into full relax mode, world class spas abound where you can be pampered and massaged into vacation bliss.

Every kind of imaginable water and beach sports are offered by certified professional organizations. You can strain against the wind in a catamaran or speed over the waves on a jet ski. You can even take a dolphin ride at Dolphinaris Cancun. The acclaimed Dolphin Swim Program gives visitors a chance to live a dream and actually go swimming with dolphins in a stunning setting supervised by professionals who work with and take care of these amazing marine mammals on a daily basis. Dolphinaris Cancun is designed to be a tropical hide-away, with 3 lagoons surrounded by palm trees and a privileged area: The Sundeck Lounge, with bar, infinity pool and a great view of the beautiful dolphins interacting with our visitors.

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