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Dolphin Swim Speed Ride


Dolphin Swim Speed Ride.

So you’ve decided to book a dolphin swim program with Dolphinaris. You’ve made an excellent choice, but now you have to decide exactly which program would be best for you. Dolphinaris offers tons of different programs for visitors to choose from, ranging from hour long relaxed interaction to full day sessions where you learn to be a trainer yourself. Some programs are less intense, while others, like the Dolphin Swim Speed Ride, are perfect for adrenaline junkies.

The Dolphin Swim Speed Ride program is ideal for visitors ages 6 and older, and younger visitors should be accompanied by an adult. It is a 40 minute program that starts off with a 10 minute presentation about dolphin physiology and behavior. The briefing also talks about how to safely interact with the dolphins, so that everyone knows what to expect. Then you will enter the lagoon with the dolphins and be able to interact with them in both shallow and deep waters, greeting them, exchanging kisses, and more.

Once the interaction time is over, it’s time for the real rush to begin! You can choose from one of three activities at this point. The “Foot Push” activity involves one of the dolphins pushing you around the lagoon by your feet for an exhilarating rush. The “Belly Ride” is where you essentially touch bellies with a dolphin and hold onto their pectoral fins as they swim around the lagoon. The last activity, the “Boogie Push,” is the same as the “Foot Push” but this time you ride a boogie board while being pushed. This way, you can reach rather incredible speeds as you zoom around the lagoon.

Some things to keep in mind before you enjoy this program: it is very important that you do not put on sunscreen before participating, as the chemicals in most sunscreens are harmful to the dolphins. Everyone ages 6 and up can participate, but the younger participants should have an adult with them. Pregnant women should not participate in this program as it could be harmful to their health.

The Dolphin Swim Speed Ride program is a great choice for you if you have always wanted to know what it felt like to be propelled around the water just by the force of these amazing animals. The program is not very expensive, either, so you can have a great time and not break the bank. Like all Dolphinaris programs, you will learn some basic information about dolphins as well as have time to interact with them face-to-face. Truly, this program has it all.

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