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Dolphinaris and education: What does Dolphinaris have to offer?


Dolphinaris and education: What does Dolphinaris have to offer?

If you are planning on visiting a dolphinarium, probably the last thing you have on your mind is how educational the programs are. You need to know some basic information, however, before actually interacting with any dolphins. This is mostly for your safety and that of the animals, but also it helps in terms of establishing more of a bond between you and your new dolphin friends.

Every dolphin swim program at Dolphinaris begins with a brief information session from the trainer that talks about dolphin physiology, behavior, and more. This session is meant to familiarize visitors with a bit of dolphin biology as well as what they can expect in terms of how the dolphins will interact with them. When this is combined with an interaction session, visitors start to become more aware of the impact that humans can have on the areas where dolphins tend to live. This, in turn, can lead to them being more aware in general of their own impact on the environment.

As you can see, Dolphinaris’ purpose is not just to offer visitors an unforgettable experience of human and dolphin interaction. It also is dedicated to helping spread awareness and knowledge of dolphins and their environment. Many university students studying biology and veterinary medicine have come to Dolphinaris for help with theses and other projects. Some of these students even go on to complete internships at a Dolphinaris facility

Given that it has one of the most advanced marine mammal laboratories in the world, Dolphinaris is eager to share its research and findings with other professionals. It has collaborated with many institutions in Mexico and around the world for dolphin research projects. Dolphinaris is truly dedicated to the area of dolphin research and contributes continuously to this body of research.

So now that you see the educational impact that Dolphinaris has, you might think a little bit more deeply about what you area really doing when you sign up to swim with dolphins at one of their facilities. Not only are you learning about these lovely creatures, you are contributing to research projects that will help doctors, students, and professors who are keen on learning more about this beautiful animal and its environment.