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Dolphinaris Cancun receives EAAM certification


Dolphinaris Cancun receives EAAM certification.

We are very proud to share that, Dolphinaris Cancun, part of Grupo Ventura Entertainment, received a certification from the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM), for exceeding the high standards for care and welfare of aquatic mammals that the EAAM demands.

In the beginning of January, the EAAM visited Dolphinaris Cancun in order to carry out the on-site inspection necessary for the certification. During the visit, the following aspects were evaluated:

  • The welfare of the dolphins: including diet, living space, environment, handling & care, training and reproduction.
  • Education: Spreading awareness to a diverse group of people, about not only the aquatic mammals, but also their environment.
  • Quality and security of interactive programs.

Throughout the audit, Dolphinaris presented the necessary criteria to show the Association, that Dolphinaris’ practices comply with all of the required standards and guidelines. After carefully reviewing all aspects of the audit, the EAAM determined that, Dolphinaris Cancun, had merited the valuable accreditation, which very few aquatic parks, at the global level, are able to obtain.

It is a great honor, for Grupo Ventura Entertainment, to now have two dolphinariums certified by the EAAM: Dolphinaris Cancun and Dolphinaris Cozumel.

European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM)

Founded in 1972, the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) is a non-profit organization that brings together zoological parks and individuals devoted to the conservation and welfare of aquatic mammals, both in human care and in the wild. EAAM’s zoological park members predominately are based in the European Union but also in Hong Kong, Mexico and the United States. Members include veterinarians, biologists, zoo directors, researchers, educators, trainers, and students. All EAAM members devote significant time and resources to marine mammals through daily care and training, medical care, public education, scientific research, rescue and rehabilitation and related activities.

EAAM members have long been leaders in the high quality care and conservation of aquatic mammals. In addition to complying with applicable laws, EAAM parks must operate in accordance with EAAM-approved best practices and professional standards.  These professional practices and standards typically exceed legal requirements and are reviewed continuously. A formal EAAM accreditation process was instituted in 2010 and requires inspection of each park by qualified professionals to maintain its EAAM membership. Dolphinaris is the only dolphinarium in Mexico to receive the recognition from this association!

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