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Dolphinaris Just Got More AMAZING: Blu Ocean Care Station


Dolphinaris Just Got More AMAZING: Blu Ocean Care Station

Dolphinaris is a one-of-a-kind dolphinarium. They’re different from the rest. What’s the big difference? They show you how they truly care about dolphins. They don’t just say it as a slogan. They show you by taking concrete action. Action towards marine environment education.

Want the latest proof?

Just Take a Look at Their Blu Ocean Care Station

Dolphinaris just installed this audiovisual tour in their Riviera Maya location. It’s not only educational. It’s beautiful. And memorable.

It’s a simple format. The station has 8 modules. Each module teaches you something different. First you learn about the dangers of the ocean. Then you learn how it’s affecting marine species.

You see…

Dolphinaris Foundation

Dolphinaris has a lot of experience. More than 15 years actually. They know bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates) intimately. Along the way, they developed a reputation. It all started with the Dolphinaris Foundation.

It had a simple goal: help dolphins everywhere. But not just that. The ocean, too.

Does this sound like too ambitious of a goal? Think about it. Dolphinaris is but one organization.

How on Earth Would They Accomplish This?

It’s easy. With your help. They reached out to the public. How? Through marine education.  The goal? Starting a movement.

Every year local schools go on field trips there. Can you imagine yourself as a kid, interacting with a dolphin, in SCHOOL? That’s not a school day you’d want to miss!

You never know. It could spark a lifelong passion in some kid. He or she could grow up to be a dolphin trainer.

Or even a marine biologist interested in protecting the ocean.

Dolphinaris Blu Ocean Care Station 1st

Dolphinaris Joins Forces with Top American Universities

That’s phase one. The next step is gathering more information.

Dolphinaris collaborates with Texas A&M-Corpus Christi University. Together they measured dolphin respiratory flow rates. Dolphinaris also hosts the final state of Cornell University’s AQUAVET III Program. The top veterinarian students across the nation enter into a competition.

The final reward? A chance to travel to the Riviera Maya! There they will learn in depth about marine mammal medicine.

Are you starting to see their strategy?

Educate students of all ages. The result?  A better future for everyone.

And that’s not all, either.

Dolphinaris Goes to Sea

Marine environmentalism is a dynamic situation. It changes from year to year. Guess what else changes? The marine species who call the ocean their home. That includes bottlenose dolphins.

So guess what Dolphinaris did?

Yup. They went to where the dolphins are in Campeche, Mexico. Together with Universidad Autónoma del Carmen, Dolphinaris gathered on-field research. More information leads to better solutions.

I told you Dolphinaris is a different kind of dolphinarium. They don’t just give empty talk. They walk the walk.

This brings us back to their latest project: Blu Ocean Care Station.

This Station Brings the Dolphinaris Foundation to Life

Sometimes receiving a lot of information in a short time can be tedious—or even boring.

Not with Blu Ocean Care Station.

Its audiovisual, interactive nature keeps you engaged the whole time.  It even shows you how healthy—or unhealthy—different regions are around the world.

Dolphinaris Blu Ocean Care Station 2th

It makes you wonder. Have I contributed to marine pollution? What can I do about this?

And that right there is what the Blu Ocean Care Station is all about. It’s about getting you to ask questions that lead to positive actions towards protecting the ocean. And doing it in a way that’s fun, and memorable.

It hasn’t been easy. But with your help, Dolphinaris has established itself as the leading dolphinarium in marine education, research, and conservation. Sure. The dangers of marine pollution are very real and serious.

So how can you help?

Support an organization like Dolphinaris. Part of every dolphin swim goes to the Dolphinaris Foundation!