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Dolphinaris receives certificate from American Humane Conservation for high care standards


Dolphinaris receives certificate from American Humane Conservation for high care standards

Once again, Dolphinaris is very proud to announce that another professional organization has taken notice of our high standards for dolphin care.

Last time, in it was the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) awarding us a certification in 2016.

This time, it was the American Human Conservation (AHC) who has awarded us a certification for the humane treatment and welfare of our dolphins.

Want to know more?

Read further and get all the details you need about this prestigious recognition.

Who is American Human Conservation?

According to the AHC, they are a program that:

“enforces rigorous, evidence-based standards of comprehensive animal welfare, developed by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee comprised of world-renowned leaders in the fields of animal science, animal behavior, animal ethics, and conservation.”

But it’s not only that…

They are also verified through an independent auditor.

The AHC is actually the first organization “solely devoted to helping verify the humane treatment of animals living in zoos, aquariums, and conservation centers across the globe.”

Which Dolphinaris locations have been awarded?

All five locations (Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Barcelo, & Tulum) in the Riviera Maya, Mexico have been awarded.

Why was Dolphinaris selected by the AHC?

Dolphinaris takes pride in being more than a dolphinarium. It’s why it founded the Dolphinaris Foundation for research, education, and conservation of marine mammals.

This strong dedication to marine mammals and dolphins, in particular, is reflected in our high standard of care.

As the AHC put it, Dolphinaris shows:

“the highest standards of humane, verifiable and transparent animal care demonstrates to the public their leadership as a responsible steward of the remarkable animals living under their care.»

How does the AHC conduct their investigation?

The AHC performs a thorough examination that covers animal care from all different facets.

This includes verifying:

“the many dimensions of animal welfare and well-being, with areas of evaluation including: excellent health and housing; positive social interactions within groups of animals, as well as between animals and handlers; safe and stimulating environments, with concern for factors such as appropriate lighting, sound levels, air quality, and thermoregulation; and evidence of thorough preparation and protocols established to prevent and manage medical or operational emergencies.”

Just take one visit to any Dolphinaris property and you will personally see, this is a different dolphinarium that shows only the utmost respect for its dolphins!