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Dolphinaris & Wet’n Wild Cancun Summer Promo


Dolphinaris & Wet’n Wild Cancun Summer Promo

This summer in Cancun has been a scorcher. Why don’t you take advantage of that bright sunshine and spend some time in the water? Spend some time in the water by swimming with majestic dolphins in Cancun at Dolphinaris. Spend some time in the water sliding down a crazy waterslide or chillaxing in the water, peacefully floating on an inner tube at Wet’n Wild.

Take advantage of our very special but limited Cancun summer promo.

If you act now, when you purchase ANY dolphin swim package, you’ll get a limited special offer. Receive an All-Inclusive pass to Wet’n Wild Waterpark (located immediately adjacent to Dolphinaris) when purchasing any dolphin swim package from Dolphinaris in Cancun.

That’s right. All your food and drinks are free AND unlimited.

Don’t miss out. Book now before it’s too late. Buy a Dolphin Swim Package and Receive a Free All-Inclusive Pass to Wet’n Wild.

Let’s take a deeper look at our incredible Cancun summer promo and everything it provides:


Dolphin Interactive Program:

Are you ready for your first dolphin encounter?

Stand on a submerged platform, about a yard deep, and spend quality time with our lovely and intelligent dolphins. Have a dolphin-shake and witness their amazing performance tricks. With its safe, shallow waters, the Dolphin Interactive Program is the perfect package for people of all ages. This is an experience you can share with the whole family.

Dolphin & Swim Ride:

Dolphins are obviously amazing creatures. They’re so friendly and smart, the sort of interactions they are capable of are truly astounding.

Put on a mask and watch their underwater behavior. Are you ready for the ride of your life? Are you ready for a belly ride? Hang on tightly to their pectoral fins, and prepare to be thrust forward at an exhilarating pace.

Dolphin Swim Program: 

With this special package, you get all of the above, plus two spectacular dolphin rides. First, huge, pet, and kiss the dolphins. Then put a mask on and open your eyes to their underwater world. Witness their dynamic and acrobatic, out-of-the-water maneuvers.

Then, grab a hold of two dolphin’s dorsal fins, and hang on for one magical ride. Or, try the unbelievable two dolphin foot push.

Trainer for a Day:

The ultimate dolphin experience.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be a dolphin trainer at Dolphinaris. Learn training methods, dolphin anatomy and communication skills. See first-hand what goes into selecting their healthy diet. Swim and dive with the dolphins. No diving experience necessary.

Embark on an experience of a lifetime. Cherish the unique bond only a trainer can have with their dolphin.

Now, to be 100% clear. You purchase ANY one of the above dolphin swim packages, and you get ALL of the following Wet’n Wild activities WITH unlimited food and beverages.

Book now, before the promo expires (see at the end).

Wet’n Wild

Thrilling Slides: If you’re looking for adrenaline, stop. You’re at the right place.

Twister: This 2-person inner tube will have your hearting pumping at every twist and turn.

Kamikaze: This is for the ultimate thrill-seeker. The sheer drop, and sudden streams of water will you have you coming back for more and more.

Bubba Tub: How does this sound, for a family-bonding experience? Dad, mom, and their two children hop in a giant inner-tube and slide down 6 crazy floors filled with unexpected turns and a refreshing finish.

Double Space Bowl: Slide down from a scary height of 50 feet at 30 mph. Finish everything with a reinvigorating splash into a 1-yard pool.

Lazy River: Prefer to chill and relax? Then Lazy River is just for you. Sit back. Unwind.  And let the tranquil current take you.

Wave Pool: This high-tech pool actually creates its own 1-yard high waves! Experience the future.

Kids’ Park: Yes, the kids get their very own pool. It’s fun. It’s safe. And its all for them.

That’s our special Cancun summer promo.

Swim with Dolphins in Cancun at Dolphinaris and get an All-Inclusive Pass to Wet’nWIld and all of their incredible waterslides.

Book now before the special summer promo expires on July 18th.