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Dolphinaris Cancun is Hosting the 2017 IAAAM Conference!



Dolphinaris Cancun is honored to announce it is home to the 2017 IAAAM Conference. The International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine is devoted to ‘the practice, research, and management of aquatic animal medicine and aquatic animals’. They are one of the most respected professional organizations in its field. We are happy to work with such a distinguished and qualified organization that mirrors our value system with regards to our treasured aquatic mammals.

Why Dolphinaris Cancun?

Dolphinaris is not just Mexico’s number one dolphinarium. Visible to the public, are the fun shows our trainers and aquatic mammals participate in. But behind the scenes, we continue to work for our cherished aquatic mammals. Dolphinaris is an industry leader when it comes to elevating the welfare of aquatic mammals.

Dolphinaris Foundation

Dolphinaris in Cancun believes that ‘education is the key to sustainable development’. That is why we have our own Dolphinaris Educational Program that focuses on ‘experiential learning’ and is ‘taught by our Environmental Guides’. They also learn about what conservation on a global scale looks like.

Dolphinaris Works with Texas A&M University

Dolphinaris also collaborates with Texas A&M University’s students and professors to give them, hands-on interaction with aquatic mammals in order to learn their ‘biology, physiology, and behavior’. They will experience what it is like to receive extensive training as a specialist. Not only that but the research directed by Dr. Andreas Fahlman, Assistant Professor of Life Sciences, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi helps Dolphinaris stay at the forefront of dolphin research. Click on this link for more information.

Dolphinaris works with Cornell University

Since its inception, for the past 4 years, Dolphinaris has hosted the AquaVet III Seminar. AquaVet is a professional educational program created by Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The top students from the top universities in the United States get a chance to learn in-depth about ‘anatomy, physiology, medicine, training, water quality control, fish handling, clinical laboratory, ophthalmology, preservation, reproduction, endoscopy, and ultrasonography.’

Dolphinaris leads Conservation Efforts

In 2015, Dolphinaris led an unprecedented conservation effort in conjunction with Universidad Autónoma del Carmen. In one of the largest natural wetland reserves in Mexico, Laguna de Terminos, a confluence of rivers creates an ‘abundance of resources’. Due to this unique set of environmental circumstances, this area is home to a dense population of bottlenose dolphins.

Together with Universidad Autónoma del Carmen, Dolphinaris collected ‘biological samples’ in order to ‘perform a health assessment’.  Armed with this analysis, we can then learn about what sort of damages are occurring due to pollution.

Click here to learn more about Dolphinaris’ conservation efforts by watching this video.

Dolphinaris is the perfect place for 2017’s IAAAM Conference

The IAAAM is a third-party association that promotes a ‘free exchange of knowledge’ and is a non-profit organization. IAAM is 100% unbiased and their support cannot be purchased. Every single member belongs to the ‘community of science and health care’ and ‘deeply value…their professional reputations’.  Their decision to collaborate with us for their May 20-24th 2017 conference is one that we are very proud of.

Dolphinaris works tirelessly to be more than just a dolphinarium. We care about our dolphins very dearly and sincerely. Not only our dolphins but all aquatic mammals throughout the planet. The welfare of these majestic aquatic mammals and their environment is our top priority.

It’s very simple. If we don’t educate, people will continue to pollute. If people continue to pollute, dolphin populations will suffer. If this were to happen, dolphinariums would become impossible. We don’t wait for others to solve the problem. Dolphinaris shows initiative by leading the way.

Hand in hand, Dolphinaris and IAAAM will show the world what it takes to protect the welfare of aquatic animals in 2017.