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Read all about my THRILLING dolphin swim in the Riviera Maya


Read all about my THRILLING dolphin swim in the Riviera Maya

You know what everyone wants when they vacation in the Riviera Maya?

Memories. You know? The ones that’ll stay with you forever. The ones that you get to relive the joy every time you tell the story. That’s why you came here.

Because when you’re here, anything is possible.

The Riviera Maya is Where Bucket Lists Come to Die

What’s on the top of your bucket list? For many, it’s swimming with a dolphin. So naturally, many ask “where is the best place for a dolphin swim in the Riviera Maya?”. Trust me. You’ll hear that a lot.

Everyone is wondering. Yet so many of you know the answer.

Looking for the best dolphin swim in the Riviera Maya? Consider Dolphinaris.

Here’s what Mesandro from New York had to say on Trip Advisor:

““Amazing lifetime experience”

“I just can’t believe it, fantastic from A to Z a beautiful experience really don’t know it words can describe it”

And that really captures it best. Words simply don’t do it justice.

So that makes what I’m about to do very hard.


Can you believe I came face to face with a dolphin? I just did it. Yet I can barely believe it.

Hold on, though. Let me back up for a moment. Let me start from the beginning.

I knew what I wanted. I wanted to dolphin swim in the Riviera Maya. So I did some research. AKA I went to Trip Advisor.

Why Trip Advisor?

Because you can trust them. They have 80 million active users every month. Their user-reviews are unbiased and reliable.

Take this Dolphinaris review for example. It comes from Nicole in Oregon.


We absolutely loved it! It was the best part of our trip, definitely recommend doing this! Everyone was very friendly!

That really stuck out to me. “Best part of our trip”. I want that. Let’s face it. Who doesn’t? It’s what we talked about right? Making memories that’ll last.

Why 3 is Always Better Than 1

So I took a chance. I went online to their website and booked the Triple Adventure Program.

That’s how I am. When I do things, I really go for it. So the Triple Adventure Program is perfect people like me. Here’s a tip. If you’re like me…don’t get one dolphin swim program. Get three. =)

The next morning, I was off. A short twenty-minute drive from Playa del Carmen and I was there. (Need directions there? Here are Google Map directions to Dolphinaris Riviera Maya)

Getting to Dolphinaris Riviera Maya

I walked past the lobby and registered. Couple minutes later I walked outside. The lounge area looks luxe. There are lounging beds next to a stunning pool. Around the lounge, they have games like ping-pong, foosball, and air hockey. Cool, I thought.

But something else caught my attention. What’s this thought?

Blu Ocean Care Station, it said on the outside. I walked inside. I have to say; I was really amazed. Inside, they have 8 different modules. Each module teaches you about marine environmentalism. I know. Sounds boring, right?

Yet Blu Ocean Care Station was different.

First of all, it was beautiful to look at. But it was more than that. It had a way of getting you to think. You know? About the bigger problems our planet is facing. And how I could make a difference.

Then we met our trainer, Julian. He was extremely and informative. He walked us through the Blu Care Station, explaining everything.

Then it was time to enter the water.

I couldn’t believe I was finally doing it.

First, they give you an introduction. We learned everything. From diet, species, training method—we even learned which dolphins were related to each other. Then it was time.

I have to admit; I was nervous. I was about to try my first dolphin foot push. What if I do something wrong? What if the dolphin doesn’t want to? Before I could finish my thought, I was soaring through the air!


It pushed, with its nose, only one of my feet. But it was swimming so fast it pushed me up and out of the water. It was truly MAGICAL. That’s the best way I can describe it. It was like I had known this dolphin my whole life and we’ve spent decades perfecting this one trick. Yet I met the dolphin a few minutes ago.

I guess it makes sense then. A magical experience with magical creatures.

Everything we did with the dolphin was like that. The belly ride was epic. My favorite part, though? Putting on the masks and observing from below. I know. Doesn’t sound exciting huh? But believe me, you learn so much more from below.

Even coming face to face with them is surreal.

Staring into their eyes is like nothing else. You won’t believe how soft and smooth their skin is. And those flips! OMG. They’re so powerful they can fly several yards into the air! And they all do it like Olympic synchronized swimmers.

It’s a stunning display.

I guess that word sums up my day at Dolphinaris Riviera Maya. Stunning.

Trust me. If you’re looking for the best place for a dolphin swim in the Riviera Maya, consider Dolphinaris. Better yet. Trust Mesandro from New York. Or Nicole from Oregon. Or the thousands of favorable reviews on Trip Advisor.

Who knows? It could be the best part of your trip. I know it was mine.