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The Best Hotels in the Riviera Maya


The Best Hotels in the Riviera Maya.

What is the Riviera Maya? The Riviera Maya is a Mexican treasure along the eastern Caribbean coastline, where tourists come to receive the royal treatment. All over the Riviera Maya, you will find white-sanded beaches, sparkling turquoise seas, dazzling cenotes, and a countless variety of tourist attractions. But perhaps the Riviera Maya’s most distinct feature, however, are its impressive lineup of luxurious hotels.

What makes a luxury hotel in the Riviera Maya unique from other places in the world? First and foremost is its attentive level of service. If you want to be treated like a king or queen, you need to come to a luxury hotel in the Riviera Maya. Not only will your every need be attended to with a smile, but you will find a number of things to do, right in the hotel.

Of course, we’re not talking about a hostel filled with backpacking twenty-year-olds. We’re talking about the best hotels in the Riviera Maya. Let’s face it. You’ve toiled at your job tirelessly for a reason. It wasn’t to wake up earlier and come home later than everyone else. That was merely the means to an end. You worked harder than everyone else so you and your loved ones can enjoy the finer things in life. Nothing defines better the best hotels in the Riviera Maya than “the finer things in life”.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the best hotels in the Riviera Maya.

Barcelo Maya Resort in the Riviera Maya

This award-winning hotel has everything you could possibly dream of. It’s the type of hotel, that once you check in, there is no need to check out until it’s time to fly home. Everything you need is on property. Barcelo has a scuba diving center, tennis and basketball courts, croquet, table tennis, shops, boutiques and a beauty salon. Also, there is an Asian restaurant that has been awarded four diamonds by AAA.

Did you ever want to have a fancy English high tea party? The same type that British royalty enjoy? At Barcelo, you can live like a King or Queen with English tea service that includes finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, and pastries.

There’s no restaurant table, like the chef’s table at Las Ventanas. Enjoy a private and interactive taste dining experience with Barcelo’s resident chef. Your culinary wish will be the chef’s command.

But best of all, like all Barcelo hotels in the Riviera Maya, you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins! Swim and interact with these highly intelligent and playful creatures right from your hotel. Prepare ta o be thrilled as two dolphins push your feet and you soar through the air. Blow up your Facebook with likes and shares as you post a photo of you receiving a peck on the cheek by a dolphin. Or perhaps a more business-like ‘fin-shake’.

English tea service, private dinners with a fine-dining chef, swimming with dolphins and much more. It is no wonder Barcelo is widely regarded as one of the best hotels in the Riviera Maya. It should be no surprise that it has won Conde Nast Travelers Reader’s Choice Award in 2015.

Book a room at Barcelo now and find out why travel readers call it one of the best hotels in the Riviera Maya.

Grand Bahia Principe in the Riviera Maya

This luxury hotel has so many things to do, it’s like its own town. Appreciate water activities? How about paddle surfing, snorkeling, boogie boarding, scuba diving, or riding a catamaran or a kayak?  Maybe you want something more traditional like playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer. Don’t want to interrupt your workout routine? Not to worry, Grand Bahia Principe has a full gym equipped with an area for aerobics and stretching. Need a babysitter so you can enjoy a romantic dinner, just you and your spouse? Take advantage of Grand Bahia Principe’s babysitter service, and you can finally get some well-deserved alone time.

Each room features a magnification mirror for flawless and cut-free shaving.  Did all of your clothes get wrinkled in your suitcase? Don’t sweat it. Each room comes with an ironing board so your clothes stay looking sharp and crisp. Care for a cup of tea or coffee? There are coffee/tea machines located right inside the room. Take in the splendid seascape the Caribbean Sea offers right from your room’s balcony.

Feeling hungry? How’s this for a bevy of international cuisine options. At Grand Bahia Principe you can eat Tex-Mex, Brazilian, Mediterranean, Italian, or Japanese. Each restaurant features exquisite culinary choices depending on your dining mood.

Who enjoys golf? If you do, you’re in luck. There is a 220-acre golf course at the Riviera Maya Golf Club, designed by Robert Trent Jones II. Play a full 18 holes on a course awarded a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

Ready for the icing on the cake? Part of what makes Grand Bahia Principe one of the best hotels in the Riviera Maya is the fact that you can swim with dolphins, within the confines of the hotel. How many people can say they’ve swum with dolphins? Everyone dreams of it, and you can finally make that fantasy a reality. Get ready to make your bucket list shorter by swimming with dolphins, right from your hotel.

Whether it be swimming with dolphins, playing golf, paddle surfing, or kayaking, Grand Bahia Principe has a variety of entertainment options that makes it one of the best hotels in the Riviera Maya.

Get ready to walk the red carpet and receive the royal treatment at some of the best hotels in the Riviera Maya. You’ve put in all the hard work, and now it’s time to indulge yourself the way a King or Queen would.

Book now and see for yourself why everyone is talking about the best hotels in the Riviera Maya.