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Where to swim with dolphins in Playa del Carmen (or Riviera Maya)


Where to swim with dolphins in Playa del Carmen (or Riviera Maya)

If you are in Playa del Carmen, you know a secret. If you have plans to go to Playa del Carmen, then kudos to you!

EVERYONE and their mother knows about Cancun. Millions of people travel to Cancun every year. But how many travel 42 miles south to Playa del Carmen? Not as much.

Distance between Dolphinaris Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen Google Maps Screenshot


Things are starting to change. Especially over the last few years. World travelers have begun to trickle in over the last couple decades.

The result?

Playa del Carmen has EXPLODED in tourism.

So much so, that a lot of those tourists are starting to say “where I can buy real estate in Playa del Carmen?” Yup. Many tourists love Playa del Carmen so much, they decide to drop their anchor here.

In fact, Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing cities in Latin America. Take a look at this really cool time lapse gif.

Playa del Carmen México 4k
Playa del Carmen México 4k

Consider this…

Playa del Carmen had a population of only 17,621 people in 1995. Twenty years later, and it’s mushroomed to over 200,000!

Ok, so clearly Playa del Carmen is trending. BIG time. So that begs the question…

Why is everyone suddenly coming to Playa del Carmen in droves?

The answer’s quite simple, actually. It’s because there are so many fun things to do in Playa del Carmen.

Like what?

Well, let’s see. For starters, there’s Playa del Carmen’s own, “Quinta Avenida” or “Fifth Avenue”. In other words, downtown Playa del Carmen.

In this one avenue you can find everything like…

  • Trendy bars popping late into the night.
  • International restaurants with tasty meals.
  • Souvenir shops with local artisanal souvenirs.
  • Or a 30-second walk to the beach!

Check out a picture of Playa del Carmen’s “Quinta Avenida” below:

Picture of Playa del Carmen's Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue)

Who, DOESN’T want to go to a place like that, right?

But what else is there to do in Playa del Carmen?

Try swimming with dolphins in Playa del Carmen!

Looking for the nearest dolphinarium in Playa del Carmen? Try Dolphinaris Riviera Maya.

Dolphinaris Riviera Maya Location Aerial View

Why? Well, for starters, it’s just a short drive away. (take a look at this Google Maps screenshot from Playa del Carmen to Dolphinaris Riviera Maya.)

It’s less than 20 minutes away.

BTW, If you need Google Directions to Dolphinaris Riviera from Playa del Carmen, click here.

But, it’s more than just being close. Dolphinaris Riviera Maya has the best dolphin trainer program in Playa del Carmen. Maybe the entire Riviera Maya.

It’s called the “Dolphin Trainer for a Day” program.

You get to do EVERYTHING with dolphins like…

  • A 20-minute scuba tank diving session for underwater observation
  • Three different dolphin swim activities
  • Introduction to dolphin behavior and psychology
  • Personal interaction with the dolphin
  • A complimentary & delicious meal
  • Two pre-selected printed dolphin swim photographs

Dolphin excursions in the Riviera Maya don’t get any better than that.

But let’s look for more evidence that Dolphinaris Riviera Maya is the best place for dolphin tours in Playa del Carmen.

Swim with Dolphins in Playa del Carmen Reviews

Let’s check out what travelers on Trip Advisor have to say about Dolphinaris Riviera Maya.

Consider what this reviewer said:

  • “Firstly we were given towels, a locker key and shown to our own VIP room.
  • We were asked to pick from a 3 course lunch menu which looked amazing!
  • During the day we were told a lot of facts about dolphins including how they train and look after them.
  • We had around 8 sets of interactions with the dolphins and managed to see around 10 different ones. We had the belly to belly, fin pull, boogie board push, the foot push, dancing and hugs and kisses!
  • Around mid morning we helped feed the three dolphins in the centre pool
  • In the afternoon we got a back stage tour, we saw the lab were all medical test were done and they had a file about each dolphin. They had a chart on the wall to go over the daily and medical activities. We looked at each dolphins daily diet and saw the freezer full of frozen fish!
  • I would advise that this is the option you choose when visiting this park! Truly magical day!”

(click here to read the full review on Trip Advisor)

So there you have it.

If you’re looking for a dolphin adventure in Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya), then try Dolphinaris Riviera Maya!