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Why Swimming with Dolphins is a Life Experience for Children


Why Swimming with Dolphins is a Life Experience for Children.

So you’ve decided to share the wonders of Cancun with your child. In all likelihood, this will be a series of “firsts” for your child. First time getting a passport. First time traveling on a plane. First time visiting a foreign country. First time in Cancun. All of these “first-time” experiences will have a profound impact. This profound impact will surely manifest itself as a meaningful and fond memory your child can look back on for the rest of their lives. In fact, they will probably bring their children on the very same trip!

Since so much is at stake, how do you, as the parent, ensure your child smiles when looking back at this Cancun vacation? What sort of activity will leave a lasting impression on your child?

Let me give you some reasons as to why swimming with dolphins is a life experience for children.

Dolphins are our Sea Cousins

We have held dominion over Earth because of one thing: our intelligence. Naturally, we are intrigued by other animals who share this trait. According to many scientists, dolphins are the Earth’s second most intelligent creature, behind us of course. They are said to understand abstract concepts like symbolic communication and mirror self-recognition.

Imagine the moment your child comes face to face with a friendly dolphin, and is able to stare into their welcoming eyes. That will be the moment he learns about nature.

Knowledge of Nature

Ever since the birth of civilization, humans have been distancing themselves from nature. Nearly everything we touch or come in contact with is man-made and unnatural. Over time, we start to even forget nature exists outside of human civilization. We forget the Earth is like a living organism that should be nourished and not ruthlessly exploited. This amnesia leads to problems like deforestation, pollution, and overfishing. Scientists estimate by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean!

What better way to remind your child the importance of keeping our home, Planet Earth, clean and pollution free, than by swimming with a dolphin. To many people, nature is an abstract concept. These people are largely responsible for the polluted state of our planet. Don’t let your child be one of these people. Show them who calls the ocean their home. Show them, in an unforgettable and entertaining way, why keeping our oceans clean is of paramount importance. There’s no better time to start that educational process, than during your kid’s childhood.

Ecological Awareness

Everything we do has a consequence to our environment and its inhabitants. Once your child has an intimate encounter with a dolphin they will start to make that connection. They will want to know, where dolphins come from and what they eat. When the time is appropriate, they will not be happy to learn of humanity’s destructive behavior over their dolphin’s habitat and diet. However, they will be very happy to learn, that we can reverse this damage by practicing ecologically-friendly practices, like recycling, and using renewable products.

Childhood memories leave an impacting impression. Set your child on the right path swimming with a friendly and intelligent creature like a dolphin.

Respect for Wildlife

By now we’ve established that swimming with dolphins will give your child a better understanding of the planet. But there’s more to it than that. They will attain a greater respect for all wildlife as well.

Having your child swim with a dolphin will raise that awareness. In turn, they will influence his friends as well. No one person can save the world. But together, each of us can have a meaningful and positive impact. Start that process now.

By now you should be able to see why swimming with dolphins is a life experience for children.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Let’s not forget the most important and immediate benefit of having your child swim with dolphins in Cancun. Fun! Kids enjoy interactions with all animals. But at some point, they will have already interacted with most of them, like dogs, cats, birds, and farm animals. To get them excited again, you’re going to have to show them something new and exciting.

It doesn’t get much more exciting than a dolphin. Your child will be able to ‘shake their fin’ and receive a peck on the cheek by a dolphin. If they want, they can hang onto their fins while the dolphins propel themselves forward. The wide-eyed smile your child will have the whole time will leave you gushing with joy.

Allow your child to reunite with our brethren of the sea. Permit your child to see the ocean is home to wonderful creatures. Give your child a fun and lasting memory of Cancun. Give your child a chance to swim with a dolphin in Cancun!