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Explore the wild with the Jungle Tour


Explore the wild with the Jungle Tour.

Sometimes, you need more in a vacation than just relaxing activities. Sunbathing, getting massages, and yoga classes are great, but they don’t exactly help you to get in touch with nature or give you the same rush as, say, exploring the jungle or splashing around with dolphins. Luckily, there’s a tour that offers you an excursion in Cancun with all of the adventure and wildlife you could want.

Jungle tour en Cancun

The Jungle Tour lasts two days, the first day being dedicated to a dolphin swim & ride experience that you will never forget. At the Dolphinaris facilities in Cancun, you will get the opportunity to learn all about these beautiful marine mammals, as well as interact and swim with them! The interactive behaviors that you will do include the magical dolphin kiss, dolphin hug, fin-to-handshake, belly ride and time to swim with diving masks. The program is about an hour long and full of fun and learning.

Day Two is “Jungle Day”, you could say, where you will get to explore the Mesoamerican reef while you snorkel around. This is the second largest reef in the whole world, so you can imagine how much there will be to explore and see. First, you will get onto a speedboat and your bilingual guide will give you an overview of what you’ll be doing. You will travel through lagoons and mangrove jungle areas by boat, see everything from frogs, turtles, crabs, and even iguanas.

Jungle tour. Aquaworld and Dolphinaris have designed this package!

Once you emerge from the mangrove area, you will enter the beautiful Caribbean Sea with its amazing turquoise waters and breathtaking wildlife. This is when you get to jump into the water and try out snorkeling! The Punta Nizuc reef is full of amazing marine life, from fish and crustaceans to anemones and everything else you might find in a Caribbean coral reef. Refreshments will be provided for you, so all you have to do is focus on enjoying yourself and exploring your surroundings.

While you snorkel, you should know that there will be a team of guides snorkeling along with you. They will be pointing out animals and other wildlife that are particularly interesting as well as helping anyone who has never snorkeled before. They are all experienced and know how to make the whole tour a memorable experience for everyone. Don’t hesitate to ask them anything, as that’s what they’re there for.

As you can probably tell, the Jungle Tour is a tour not to be passed up! Not only do you get two days of great experiences, but you can do them all in Cancun and for a great price. The dolphin program at Dolphinaris is sure to leave you completely in love with these incredible marine mammals and wanting to go back for more. Exploring the jungle and snorkeling are the perfect complements to the dolphin swim program and will leave you mesmerized by the natural beauty of Cancun.