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How is the weather in Riviera Maya?


How is the weather in Riviera Maya?

Are you daydreaming of brilliantly sunny days and warm tropical nights where a balmy breeze caresses you with the briny smell of a warm Caribbean Sea?  Then come to the Riviera Maya, where the subtropical weather is the perfect tonic for those in need of sun and warmth. The setting is unbeatable; Warm clear waters and perfect white sand beaches against a backdrop of dense jungle dotted with ancient Mayan ruins.  Hot and cool, the Riviera Maya is a world renowned tourist destination due to its marvelous natural beauty, spectacular weather and an astounding range of activities to satisfy anyone.

Visitors to this Caribbean coastline often ask: “where can you swim with dolphins?” The best places to swim with dolphins are the Dolphinaris facilities located in the most picturesque points on the Riviera Maya, under the careful and caring supervision of professional trainers. Where to swim with dolphins? Dolphinaris Cancun, Riviera Maya Park, Cozumel, Tulum and Barcelo. These are lovely locations, designed to create a natural environment complete with tropical lagoons and surrounded by palm trees, with vistas of the open sea. There are no better places to swim with dolphins in the world!

This region is bathed in sunshine and warmth all year long, but the seasons and conditions do vary.



The weather in Riviera maya is warm nearly all year.
The weather in Cancun is pretty much like this. Oh see… some dolphins!


Hot, Hot, Hot! (June-September)

If you want to thaw out quickly, these are the best months to tan (or broil) on any one of the stunning Riviera Maya beaches. Air temperatures can reach the low 30’s C (but usually hover comfortably below). Even ocean temperatures tend to remain at luxurious 29 degrees. Perfect conditions for a hammock lounge with a fruity tropical drink in one hand, with quick dips in the Caribbean every time you feel the need to perk up.

Fleet Tropical Showers (July-October)

There is a “rainy season” in the Riviera Maya when tropical storms water the thick forests and replenish the amazing underground water systems that cover the region. But even at its peak in September, with an average rainfall of 247 mm, the rain normally sweeps in with tropical thunderstorms, cooling down the land briefly before sweeping on again just as rapidly, leaving sunny skies behind. The Caribbean Sea is at its warmest, ideal for relaxed bathing or enjoying the complete range of water sports offered up and down the Riviera Maya.


Riviera Maya has a lovely warm Caribbean weather.
Interacting with dolphins is an activity you can enjoy under any weather!


Spring Bloom in the Jungle (February-May)

Air temperatures are at their mildest and rainfall is limited during these months. The flowers of this extremely verdant region bloom in their full rainbow-hued glory. Air-plants and orchids float among the deep green jungle branches. And the wild growing Royal Poinciana Tree makes of its flowers great red canopies tinged with yellow.