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Mexico Unplugged


Mexico Unplugged.

Four common relax fantasies haunt the daydreams of both office-bound city dwellers and those freezing souls caught in the icy grip of winter:

  1. Lounging in a hammock in the shade of a palm tree, with one hand on a fruity rum mix and one eye on a shimmering Caribbean Sea lapping at fine white sand;
  2. Being immersed each morning in the soothing pleasures of a health-spa until finally being massaged into oblivion;
  3. Roaming an unspoiled beach (with jungle backdrop) hand in hand with the object of your desire, like two castaways in blissful, romantic seclusion.
  4. Enjoying from new and exciting experiences, like swimming with dolphins in clear blue waters and beautifully designed tropical environments.

The Riviera Maya offers an amazing setting to unplug from the daily grind and unleash in Caribbean splendor.

Beach Bum

If all you want to do is roam barefoot along beautiful beaches filled with beautiful people, the Riviera Maya has miles upon miles of picture-perfect beaches washed by the Caribbean. You can loll on powdery coral sand and cool down in transparent water. Any self-respecting beach bum likes to mix a little adrenaline with his lounging, and this coastline offers every conceivable water sport. In Playa del Carmen, alone professional organizations can take you under the ocean surface, or parasailing high above a speeding boat with a bird’s eye view of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Swimming with dolphins at this setting!
Imagine swimming with dolphins at this incredible setting


The spas of the Riviera Maya are remarkably located in the most peaceful of environments; hidden among mangroves, secluded in dense jungle and overlooking the wide ocean under a bright blue sky. In these exclusive sanctuaries you can immerse yourself in culture as well as stress release; many offer a combination of age-old Mayan and modern techniques.

Castaway Couple

Isn’t it an iconic romantic fantasy? Lovers castaway on a remote tropical shoreline where the finest of white sand slopes down to clear blue waters and the only footprints on the beach are yours. At the Sian Ka’an (Mayan: Where the Sky is Born) Biosphere, just outside of Tulum, couples can share the uninhabited, pristine and preserved beaches on a 1.3 million acre World Heritage site, complete with tropical forest, mangroves and lagoons, where dwell monkeys, jaguars, crocodiles and all manner of terrestrial and marine life.

Besides swimming with dolphins you can spend time on the beach
The great beaches and swimming with dolphins.

Magic Moments Happen

To close with a flourish your vacation experience, you can interact and swim with dolphins at the best places. Feel the magical dolphin kiss, hug these amazing marine mammals and play with them. You will experience a relaxing upgrade and cherish wonderful memories that you can share with family and friends!

Mexico Unplugged and swimming with dolphins
Mexico Unplugged and swimming with dolphins.

After a day of shared adventure, you can restore your strength with the exceptional cuisine. Mexico is known for in a wide range of romantic settings all along the Riviera Maya. This region is renowned for traditional indigenous dishes and spicy fusions with Spanish and other culinary traditions. Make sure you sit in candle light so you can see the sparkle in each other’s eyes.