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Staying at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort: The ideal Caribbean experience


Staying at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort: The ideal Caribbean experience.

When it comes to figuring out the details of a vacation, most people can get a little bit lost among the different things that need to be ironed out. First, where do you want to go? Once I get there, where do I stay? This last question can be the most complicated, as many vacation spots offer tons of different options and it can be overwhelming to look at each one individually. The Barcelo Maya Beach Resort may be the perfect choice for you and your traveling companions. Located on the Maya Beach, you can easily get to the white sand beaches and enjoy the waves, or stay within the resort and enjoy the Maya architecture and new renovations.

During your stay at Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, your days will be full of activities. Take your pick of sports such as tennis, basketball, and more, or go kayaking, snorkeling, and more. There is also  a new clubhouse, pool and jacuzzi, and new designs for all of the green spaces in the resort. You can also enjoy the shopping center, fitness center, and spa. These facilities make it hard to even think about leaving the resort grounds, and you really have no need to if you don’t feel like it. Everything is provided for you, including a children’s area and even a children’s spa so you can get the kids out of your hair and relax yourself for a change.

Maybe you want to be more in touch with your wild side, and get in direct contact with some animals. In that case, the Dolphinaris Barcelo dolphinarium is the perfect place to visit, without even leaving the resort. There you can interact with beautiful and intelligent dolphins and have the experience of a lifetime. The dolphinarium offers a variety of programs, so you can choose which one suits you the best. As a guest, you simply pay an additional fee and can enjoy all that the dolphinarium has to offer.

Nights at Barcelo Maya Beach Resort are just as exciting as the days. The Jaguar Nightclub is the perfect spot to have a few drinks and get down on the dance floor. The Kukulcán Theater has shows every night for you to enjoy, and the variety of restaurants serves up spectacular food as well. The Beach Buffet Restaurant features Mexican dishes as well as dishes from many other countries. México Lindo is a Mexican restaurant through and through, serving up authentic Mexican food in style. Finally, the Rancho Grande is a casual grill restaurant by the pool for some laid-back dining. You can, of course, leave the resort to explore other spots, but there’s hardly a reason to do so.