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Swimming with dolphins, a unique experience for enjoying Cancun


Swimming with dolphins, a unique experience for enjoying Cancun.

It is no surprise that one of the most popular “must do” activities when in Cancun is the experience of swimming with dolphins. Thousands of people from all over the world get the chance to enjoy this unique experience every year.

Dolphins are one of the most eloquent and intriguing creatures on the planet. Their intelligence is surprising, and they are one of the few creatures on earth that has developed a way to communicate and can also use tools to solve problems. They are playful, enjoying their little games, yet extremely loyal. It is of no surprise that these creatures are comfortable around humans and have an instinct in protecting other dolphins and humans. Dolphins have even helped fishermen pull in their catch, herding the fish into their nets. Their physical features are also worth mentioning. Their smooth, soft skin, glowing eyes, and even a mouth that appears to smile, makes them ideal for interaction with humans. For these reasons, the Dolphin is an ideal creature to have a unique experience with that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

The activity is called “swimming with dolphins” but this can be misleading as it involves much more than swimming. The participants are first met by the marine biologist and trainer, who will be their personal guide throughout. This trainer will transmit energy and confidence to the participants, as well as giving them the instructions necessary for interacting with the dolphins. They will take great concern for everyone, making sure they are comfortable and that all of their questions are asked.

Furthermore, the attention is very personalized, as they will not allow for huge groups to participate at the same time. After being suited with a proper life vest and given the proper instructions to insure maximum safety, participants enter the water and then: Let the fun begin! Interacting with the dolphins using specific signals made with the arms, legs, and hands, each person will definitely enjoy the thrill of interacting with the dolphins. Some of the most basic parts of the experience are giving the dolphins a handshake, a kiss, or a hug. Other interactions include holding onto the dolphin’s fin and letting the dolphin pull them through the water, or allowing the dolphin to do a trick such as jumping up and out of the water, even catching something in the air or doing a turn or flip. Perhaps the most exciting moment comes with the dolphins push you with their nose, giving a sensation of flying through the water.

This experience is guaranteed fun for the whole family. The only real danger is that you may just want to take one of the dolphins home with you. People will be sure to hear your stories of the time with the dolphins for years to come as it is truly a once in a lifetime unique experience.

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