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Travel the Mexican Caribbean on a Cruise Ship


Travel the Mexican Caribbean on a Cruise Ship.

What do you think is one of the best things about traveling? Without a doubt, many people would say the adventure of it all, of waking up in a new place with new sites to see, flavors to try, and fun to have. The Mexican Caribbean is one of those places that has everything, making it the ideal choice for travelers who love going to bed in one place and waking up in another.

Cozumel is the preferred destination for all kinds of travelers, as it is one of the main cruise ship stops all year long in Mexico. Among its attractions you will find peaceful beaches perfect for relaxing on, a unique barrier reef perfect for exploring, and jewelry shops that will please even the pickiest shopper. Essentially, the island has something for everyone.

Cozumel a great destination for a cruise ship stop

Getting off at Cozumel

Most cruise ships will stop for at least a day in Cozumel, considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Mexican Caribbean for reasons that will become obvious to you as you visit and explore it.

Chankanaab Park is one of those places that travelers tend to check out, as it is a national park and was declared so in 1980, having museums and a variety of marine flora and fauna.

However, those who arrive in Cozumel looking for adventure and fun can’t miss one of the best things the island has to offer: a visit to the Dolphinaris complex, the best dolphinarium on the island. Here you can interact and swim with dolphins as well as try other aquatic activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.

The complex is only 10 minutes from the port by taxi, with the taxi ride costing around $8 USD for up to four people. You can also walk from whichever port your cruise ship drops you off at, with the farthest port being about 30 minutes walking distance from the complex.

Plan your visit to Dolphinaris in Cozumel!

Dolphinaris has different programs where you can interact and swim with dolphins. Choose the one that you like best. The best part is that all programs are “all inclusive”, meaning they include unlimited food and drinks.

● Also, you can enjoy additional aquatic activities, like kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding, paying just $15 USD for all three.

The Sundeck Lounge is the perfect spot for meeting up with friends and family to talk about your experience and get your energy back. It only costs $29 USD, which can be used as consumer credit.

Companions pay $39 USD (not including aquatic activities).

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Dolphin kiss in Riviera Maya

In addition…

Many people, upon seeing how beautiful Cozumel is, want to explore further and check out other hot spots along the Riviera Maya. One of the best spots is Tulum, a pintoresque corner forever immortalized as the only Maya ruins next to the Caribbean Sea. Tempted by this, many cruise ship travelers ask if it’s difficult to get there. The answer is no, you just need some time, as you need to take a ferry from Cozumel (the ferry ride takes between 40 minutes and an hour) and then reach the ruins by land.

Tulum is a charming village that grows more each day, but without losing its friendly Mexican atmosphere. There it is also possible to swim with dolphins in the Dolphinaris complex in the Hotel Bahía Príncipe Tulum.

Now you know all the essential information for your next trip to Quintana Roo! Enjoy and take advantage of these incredible attractions to make your trip unforgettable.