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Wet’n Wild Cancun becomes Ventura Park


Wet’n Wild Cancun becomes Ventura Park.

How Wet’n Wild, is about to get a whole lot WILDER!

For almost two decades, Wet’n Wild Cancun water park has been one of the greatest attractions available in Cancun.

Whether it’s the insane Kamikaze slide, or the more tranquil Lazy River, everyone seems to leave with a smile on their face—not to mention fond memories for years to come. What if you enjoy swimming in a pool, but miss the ocean’s waves? Don’t sweat it. Wet’n Wild has you covered with their innovative Wave Pool that generates waves up to 1 meter high!

We haven’t even mentioned the best part… having the opportunity to swim with dolphins in Dolphinaris Cancun! Everyone’s dream of interacting with these highly intelligent (bigger brains that humans) and docile creatures can become reality at Wet’n Wild Cancun. It is no surprise that over 250,000 people frequent this water park every year.

Crazy water slides, and swimming alongside nature’s most beloved creature, the dolphin… What more can you ask for?

Wet’n Wild is being Reborn!

Well, Wet’n Wild has really outdone itself this time. They’ve dreamt big, and now this fantasy is about to become reality. This spring of 2016, thanks to a great investment, Wet’n Wild, will now become: Ventura Park.

Ventura Park will encompass everything that made Wet’n Wild Cancun the best water park around (including swimming with dolphins)… but now it will include a plethora of new activities. These new activities make Ventura Park not only one of the best parks in Cancun, but all over the world.

What are the new attractions in Ventura Park?

Ventura Park, will now feature out-of-the-water rides, like go-karts, zip lines, flying chairs, among many others. Bridges will be built, allowing you to tour the entirety of this beautiful park. A new entertainment area will include virtual reality games and a theater.

This diverse approach allows you to have fun on-land until you decide you need to cool down, and head over to the wild water slides and of course, everyone’s favorite… swimming with dolphins!

Or maybe, you want to do it the opposite way…first you cool down with your marine mammal buddies, by swimming with dolphins, then make your way to the crazy but fun water slides, and then decide to dry off by racing your friends in go-karts, and enjoying the amazing view the zip lines and bridges afford you. Either way, you are in complete control. You choose, what, where and how. You have more options than any other park in Cancun!

Not only are more attractions being added, but the food and drinks are targeted for improvement. Caribbean Restaurant will be offering their exquisite cuisine for Ventura Park guests (all that adventure is going to make you hungry!). And let’s not overlook the new Beach Bar that is coming!

Whether you are hungry or thirsty… new delicious options are coming your way soon!

Wet’n Wild becomes Ventura Park

If you’re wondering how to spend an entire day filled with thrills and relaxation for all ages, look no further than Ventura Park. No other park in Cancun gives you a wider array of entertainment options. Let’s recap EVERYTHING Ventura Park will have to offer in the very near future:

Dry Land Fun Water Fun
Go Karts Fun and crazy water slides
Zip-lines Inner tube slides
Bridge tours Exclusive pool for kids
Amusement rides Wave Pool that generates waves up to 1 meter high
Virtual reality games Relaxing Lazy River
Bars & restaurants Bar next to the pool
Exclusive Beach Club And of course, everyone’s favorite: Swimming with dolphins


So there you have it folks.

Mark your Calendars and book your flights for this Spring Break 2016!

Wet’n Wild is becoming… VENTURA PARK! The newest attraction in Cancun.