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What to do in Playa del Carmen


What to do in Playa del Carmen.

Back in the day, it was pretty simple to plan a vacation. You picked your destination, booked your rooms, and planned on figuring out what to do when you got there. Now, there are so many activities to choose from in the hottest vacation spots that it’s almost necessary to plan out what you will do each day or else you might miss out on something. This goes for all Caribbean destinations, but Playa del Carmen in particular has almost too many activities to fit into one vacation.

Many of you may have heard of Playa del Carmen, the most sophisticated of the Riviera Maya destinations. It doesn’t have the same party feel as Cancun, making it great for people who would rather just do some shopping, visit the beach, and try out some adventurous new activities. Some of the best shopping in all of the Riviera Maya is found along the Quinta Avenida, as well as amazing restaurants and bars.

So after you’ve had your fill of shopping and dining (though you will definitely be heading back before you leave), you should definitely think about going to visit one of the many cenotes around Playa del Carmen. These are wonderful underground caverns and pools that will surely captivate you with their aura of another time and place. You will feel so relaxed as you explore areas that few people are lucky enough to see. Your stress and worries will melt away as you swim through the water, seeing the beautiful caverns.

After that, a visit to an echological park might be the perfect way to cement the feeling of relaxation and reconnection with nature and the earth. If you feel like being more in contact with some marine life, take a visit to Dolphinaris in Riviera Maya Park to see some happy dolphins.

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If you’re a golf fan, Playa del Carmen will amaze you with world class golf courses. Several golf competitions take place in the Riviera Maya. If you choose the right date, maybe you can attend one of them!

Of course, Playa del Carmen has amazing beaches for you to relax on as well. You can either sunbathe and swim or do something a bit more exciting, like scuba diving or snorkeling. Whatever you choose to do on the beach, you should know that you made the right decision in terms of picking an area that won’t be overrun by young tourists who just want to party. You should be able to relax and interact with other tourists who came to appreciate the beauty of the area rather than party all day and night, which doesn’t mean you cannot party in Playa. There are several options to do so, but it’s a quiet city in general terms.

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