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What you should know before traveling with kids to Mexico


What you should know before traveling with kids to Mexico.

There’s nothing more memorable and fun than a family vacation to an exotic destination. The Mexican Caribbean, though it is a great party area, is also perfect for visiting as a family. There are so many activities to choose from, including dolphin swim programs, visiting Ventura Park Cancun water park, and so much more.

The Mexican Caribbean is a great destination for kids, since it has pretty much everything. There are archaeological ruins close by, tons of beautiful beaches (some even with very small waves), new dishes to try and even opportunities to get up close and personal with some amazing wildlife. Parents will be happy to see their kids enjoying themselves to the fullest, but they will also have the chance to do some “adult only” things, like having a drink.

Traveling with children does present its own set of unique challenges, but it’s nothing to worry about if you plan ahead. First of all, make sure your children’s passports or passport cards are valid and make photocopies of them to have on hand. Go ahead and buy travel insurance for everyone in the family, including the children. Unless you are going to the Mexican state of Chiapas or Belize, you won’t need to get any special vaccinations before traveling. One good tip is to buy cheap toys before you travel, since many small children tend to lose theirs, especially when they are in a new place.

While you travel, you might want to have things on hand to entertain the kids with, depending on how old they are. If they love movies, figure out a way to record their favorite one on a portable device so they can watch it easily. The same goes for music and audio in general. A great thing to do would be to bring along your tablet or some other device that can play audiobooks and have your kids listen to their favorite story while on the way to your journey. It will calm them down and keep them occupied the whole time.

Once you get to your destination, the kids might be very excited and want to go to the beach immediately. Make sure you put plenty of sunscreen on them (or have them apply it themselves) and let it soak in before they go out to the beach. Supervision is key for children of all ages, since not all beaches have lifeguards. The hotel and resort beaches do, however, and many beaches even have calmed enough waters with barely any waves. This is perfect for small children who want to play on the beach but are too small to swim on their own.

Something you might be concerned about is the safety of the food and water in Mexico. Wherever you go that is popular with tourists, the food will be safe and there will be purified water and ice. If you are extra concerned about your child getting sick, you can avoid certain foods entirely, like unpasteurized dairy or raw fruits and vegetables, and drink bottled water preferentially. Most people have no issues with the food and water, but it’s always better to be on the safe side, especially when it comes to your children.

Now that you’ve read all this tips, pack your bags, grab your children and get ready for the amazing adventure!