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When swimming with dolphins becomes a passion


When swimming with dolphins becomes a passion.

One of the most unforgettable experiences one can have is swimming with dolphins. There’s just something about connecting with another intelligent mammal in their own environment that leaves a lasting impression. Dolphins are very sensitive and social beings, very much like humans, and so it can be amazing to see how a creature so different from a human physically can be so similar in other ways.

If you’ve never swum with dolphins before, it might seem a bit odd that anyone would be passionate enough about it to come back year after year. However, this is exactly what Gina Cox did, a VIP visitor at Dolphinaris Cancun who could not get enough after her first time swimming with dolphins there.

Gina has done the Trainer for a Day program about thirty five times. That right there is passion, if you ask anyone. She likes this particular program the best because it includes a variety of activities and dolphin behaviors. «I get to be with the dolphins all day,» Gina says, as opposed to the other programs that last about 40 minutes each.

Having visited so many times, Gina has gotten to know the individual dolphins pretty well. «All the dolphins are very special in their own way, they’re just like people,» Gina clarifies when asked which dolphin is her favorite. She does have a favorite, however. Nami, a dolphin who was just 7 weeks old when Gina first met her the year before, is her favorite (if she had to choose). «Over the last year I’ve watched her grow and grow,» she says with a big smile on her face.

When asked why she keeps choosing Dolphinaris over other dolphinariums, Gina says a lot of it has to do with how the dolphins are cared for in terms of the technology used to keep everything clean and safe for them. She points out that a huge part of why she keeps coming back is the trainers. «You can tell they really, really care about the dolphins,» she explains. Gina is constantly recommending Dolphinaris to friends and family because of those reasons.

It’s pretty clear that Gina would love to be able to spend more time with the dolphins at Dolphinaris, and with all of her times doing the Trainer for a Day program, she probably would make a great dolphin trainer. «That would be my dream, to be a dolphin trainer,» she says, adding that she’d have to talk to her boss back at home. Hopefully someday she will be able to make that dream come true!

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