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Where to swim with dolphins in Riviera Maya


Where to swim with dolphins in Riviera Maya.

Dolphins are some of the most friendliest animals of all. They are very smart and charming, and that is why they fascinate us, both children and adults alike. If that is your case too, you might want to your own encounter with these highly intelligent mammals of the waters.

The dreams of swimming with dolphins now come true at five Dolphinaris facilities in Quintana Roo, Mexico. In beautifully designed natural settings you can enjoy of a magical dolphin encounter surrounded by palm trees, overlooking the open water, under the supervision of caring professional trainers who ensure that the experience is safe and fun for both human and dolphin.

Where to go swimming with dolphins at Riviera Maya
Swimming with dolphins in the Riviera Maya is a big adventure.

Stunning coastline views and an amazing diversity of protected ecosystems make the Mexican Riviera one of the hottest sightseeing destinations on the planet. White sand beaches washed by the clear Caribbean Sea with dense jungle and ancient Mayan ruins as a backdrop.

The best place to swim with dolphins is at any one of the following spectacular Maya Riviera towns, each offering you the opportunity to live a dolphin swim dream with Dolphinaris.


This historic town has two world renowned sights to take in.  Perched on an ocean bluff, the well-preserved archaeological sites of a hugely important Mayan trading town look over a white sand beach. The Sian Ka’an Biosphere (Origin of the Sky) World Heritage Site is one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems in the hemisphere, complete with dune beaches, tropical mangroves, in a pristine environment inhabited by monkeys, jaguars, crocodiles and all manner of exotic terrestrial and marine life.

Playa del Carmen

In this superbly complete beach town, you can fly behind a boat in a parasail with a stunning view of the Riviera Maya or speed towards the horizon on a jet ski. The area also has some of the most amazing cave/cavern diving in the world.

Where go swimming with dolphins? Dolphinaris has six locations!
Going swimming with dolphins is really worth it.


The glorious island of Cozumel lies just offshore from the heart of the Riviera Maya, surrounded by Caribbean waters. The main plaza itself is a treat for the eyes, with colourful vendors, traditional Mayan fire shows and a regular Sunday night dance where locals and tourists party together into the night.


Cancun boasts 14 miles of beautiful beaches where the sights include all manner of water craft and great people watching. The waters just offshore are home to a rich diversity of life and natural attractions!