A Memorable Year: 2019 True Connection Cozumel

A Memorable Year: 2019 True Connection Cozumel

A Memorable Year: 2019 True Connection Cozumel

Make this 2019 a year to remember. Enough with the slacking, and the ordinary days. Here is a guide to how you can have a memorable year… Learn about where you can experience a mind-blowing connection: True Connection Cozumel by Dolphinaris.

Allow us to help you achieve your goals… Who hasn’t dreamed of exploring the world? How does laying by the ocean with a margarita in one hand and a book on the other sound? Well, your dream vacation is one read away…

We have the solution.

People have a hard time getting resolutions done, and most of the time say they are not inspired. We are here to help you with one key factor in achieving your goals this year… The inspiration!

Break the routine, let us help you… Have a memorable year and most importantly GET. STUFF. DONE.

A Memorable Year with Dolphinaris.


We believe everything is connected. Therefore we crafted an amazing, informative and heartwarming program… Behold the program fittingly called: True Connection.

This a brand new experience that was created with two very important things in mind: education and emotions. This experience is for those interested in learning about our magnificent dolphin friends…or simply crave a hands-on and exciting experience.

We want to give you the adventure of a lifetime and push you to accomplish more things this 2019. At True Connection Cozumel every little detail matters. Let me walk you through the experience so you can start getting excited about your visit!

the dolphinaris experience


To begin the trademark True Connection experience you will embark on a VR adventure in the depths of the ocean among a dolphin friend. Here you will learn about the hardships these mammals go through in their day to day life under the water.

At this point in the experience, you will spend 40 minutes swimming in the deeper end of the habitat. This is done in order for you to form an amazing bond with our friends the dolphins. Deepen your knowledge with our educational segment, where our Seaguard will explain the basics of dolphin communication and behavior.

Feel an intimate connection as you float face up meanwhile you listen to dolphins communicate via sonar… Place your hand over their heart to feel the way it beats…

Finish this truly inspiring experience by receiving a sweet dolphin kiss… But wait! In fact, the dolphin will retrieve a special gift from underwater just for you! Uncover the magic of love and friendship at Dolphinaris with True Connection.

 We can only save the world with your help, and giving this knowledge to you hopefully will inspire you to help out! Both children and adults can treasure the memory of a day full of laughter, love and lots of fun… Just when you thought a vacation in the Caribbean couldn’t get any better.

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