Come and experience a magical encounter in a safe place!

Come and experience a magical encounter in a safe place!

At Dolphinaris, we are passionate about providing the best and safest experience for our guests, experiences that create lifelong connections with the oceans.

As the best dolphinariums in the world that we are, and in compliance with our internationally accepted accreditations, including Human Certification and EAMM, safety and quality standards are a priority for all. We understand the importance of ensuring the well-being of your loved ones and we are committed to making our space a safe and secure space.

For this reason, we develop protocols to prevent COVID-19, complying with the standards dictated by international health organizations, FDA, WHO and CDC, allowing you and your loved ones to interact with the most fascinating marine creatures in the ocean.


We take care of our team, and we take care of all of us.


We measure your temperature daily and ensure the sanitation of your uniform, guaranteeing your and your family health.Protective equipment such as gloves, face shields and masks are now already part of the basic uniform of all the members of our team.

Our new protocols also reach our transportation services provided by Dolphinaris. All drivers who pick up our guests will wear a protective mask and gloves, and each unit will be disinfected before each service.

To maintain a healthy distance, restricted and assigned seating is used. Please follow all the instructions established by our controllers, remember that if you take care of yourself, we take care of all of us.

Within our dolphinariums, all of our public and high-traffic areas establish strengthened protocols to offer the magic of interacting with dolphins in the safest way. Signs are displayed on the floor that establish the necessary distance between guests at check-in, restaurant, bars, shops, and other transit areas.

At check-in, our wristbands, pens, and commonly used surfaces are regularly sanitized and stored in airtight containers, as well as acrylic barriers on our counters as an added precaution, for our guests and their families.

You will be able to find properly marked alcohol gel dispensers placed throughout the complex for easy access and use.

We remind you that our operations team follows strict sanitation and quality control guidelines, so we ask you to follow their instructions.

In our habitats, we have small groups, while you live a majestic encounter with dolphins, maintaining a healthy distance between guests and specialists (Book in advance to get last minute deals)

We know that you will live an unique experience of connection and learning, that is why we have modified our programs to offer all the magic of dolphins, putting yours and everyone’s health first.

Lifeguards and all necessary equipment for your experience are carefully disinfected shortly after each use, including tablets and photographic equipment.

Our rules on social distancing continue in our bars and restaurants, where each table will have a separation of at least 6 feet (2 meters) between them. Our kitchens comply with governmental and international standards and WHO recommendations for the safety of your food. All team members wash their hands periodically.

We guarantee that we will continue to monitor and advance solutions to ensure the well-being and safety of everyone at Dolphinaris.

As you can see, our priority is that your next visit is as special and authentic as you always dreamed of, making us an ideal place to inspire you to conserve the ocean and its inhabitants.